by Brian Friel
Directed by Mark Robbins
July 5 – August 31, 2008
City Stage at Union Station

Matt Rapport
Elana Kepner
Gary Holcombe
Kate Gilchrist
Logan Ernstthal
Cinnamon Schultz
T. Max Graham
Nick Gehlfuss
Michael Rapport
& Nathan Darrow

In a rural hedge school in early 19th century Ireland, against the backdrop of a particularly insidious chapter in Britain’s ongoing colonization of that beleaguered country, Brian Friel’s Translations tells a tender, sad and funny tale of the clash of cultures and the inevitable advent of change. As two languages, English and Gaelic, battle it out for dominance in the land, we see each of the play’s charming characters struggle with their life and times.

Director – Mark Robbins