Our Mission

Kansas City Actors Theatre’s mission is to produce thought-provoking plays that explore, celebrate, and share what it is to be human, with sensitivity, intelligence, and humor. We nurture our local artistic community by employing the finest talents of Kansas City’s diverse professional theatre community, which in turn makes Kansas City a more vibrant, vital place to live and work.

To that end…

  • KCAT is artist-led and artist-driven. We are a collective of local theatre professionals who collaborate with a community Board to realize and advance our mission.
  • KCAT employs Kansas City artists and artisans, pays them professional rates, and creates a physically and emotionally safe working environment that frees artists to take bold and brave risks.
  • KCAT affirms that inclusive representation is essential to every aspect of our organization, from the stories on our stage, to the artists who tell those stories, to the Board and committee members who make operational and artistic decisions.

Kansas City Actors Theatre is guided and inspired in this mission by core values which include:

  • Artistic excellence
  • Commitment to local artists
  • A professional workplace that is safe, healthy, and non-discriminatory
  • A full spectrum of representation in every aspect of our operation
  • Collaborative governance
  • A rich relationship with audiences, donors, and our Kansas City artistic community
  • Cultivation and expansion of our audience
  • Investment in early-career local artists
  • Fiscal responsibility and prioritizing art over overhead

Great actors. Smart plays.