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The Lehman Trilogy

by Stefano Massini
Adapted to English by Ben Power
Dates: May 22nd – June 9, 2024
Location: City Stage in Union Station
Director: John Rensenhouse

Featuring Robert Gibby Brand, Eric Palmquist, and R.H. Wilhoit

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Season 20 - May 2024 to February 2025

The Lehman Trilogy

5/22/2024 – 6/9/2024

Trouble in Mind

8/7/2024 – 8/25/2024

Dial M for Murder

9/11/2024 – 9/29/2024

Doubt: A Parable

2/2025 – 3/2025 (TBA)

This radio series on KKFI 90.1 featured top Kansas City actors in weekly episodes that included an all-new historical drama, “Kansas City: 1924,” by Forrest Attaway, Agatha Christie’s “The Case of the Careless Victim,” “A Murderous Revision” from the Suspense series, the comedy classic “The Bickersons,” by Philip Rapp, and many more!

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Gaslight (Angel Street)

by Patrick Hamilton
Dates: January 17 – February 3, 2024
Location: City Stage in Union Station
Director: Cinnamon Schultz

Featuring Ashlee LaPine, Matthew J. Williamson, John Rensenhouse, Leah Dalrymple, and Kendra Keller

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