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At the crossroads of classic and contemporary, Kansas City’s premier theatre professionals offer you an engaging cultural experience.

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My Old Lady

by Israel Horovitz
Directed by Darren Sextro
January 11-29, 2017
City Stage at Union Station

David Fritts
Kathleen Warfel

& Jan Rogge

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Witty, wise, romantic, and oh-so-French. Kansas City Actors Theatre introduces an acclaimed but neglected playwright with this, his love letter to France. When a failed American novelist inherits a luxurious but crumbling Paris apartment, he’s sure his fortune has turned…until he learns that the apartment comes with a nonagenarian tenant and her spinster daughter. Not only is this a Kansas City premiere, but it is the first time an Israel Horovitz play has been professionally produced here in nearly 25 years.

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I’m Not Rappaport

8/10/2016 - 8/28/2016


A Streetcar Named Desire

9/7/2016 - 9/25/2016


My Old Lady

1/11/2017 - 1/29/2017


The Realistic Joneses

5/24/2017 - 6/11/2017

Most Recent Production

A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Sidonie Garrett
September 7 – 25, 2016
City Stage at Union Station

Cinnamon Schultz
Bree Elrod
Thomas Gorrebeeck
Matt Rapport
Karla Fennick
Sam Wright
Joe Carr
Greg Butell
Meredith Wolfe
& Roan Ricker

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this is the play that revolutionized the modern stage and is generally considered to be Williams’ masterpiece. Clinging desperately to a masquerade of Southern grace, Blanche DuBois moves into her sister’s cramped apartment, creating all the wrong kinds of sparks with her crude brother-in-law. Dark truths about Blanche’s past collide with the stark reality of the present, leading to a downward spiral of domestic violence and madness.

Great actors.  Smart plays.

The Actors Theatre brings professional drama to Kansas City, in a vibrant presentation for the virtual age.

The Theatre, formed by a veteran collective of artists, reimagines modern classics, sometimes in settings across the city. A war story at the National WWI Museum … a meditation on death at the Muehlebach Funeral Home.  For our 12th Season, however, all performances will be held in H&R Block City Stage at Union Station!

Regardless of location, each production is an experience, bringing the actors and their words into focus. Nearly all income goes to pay the best local actors, designers and technicians, so that the art of theatre can flourish in Kansas City.

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