A young city at a historical crossroads, a brilliant detective in his first American case, thrilling suspense, and delightful comedy.

Kansas City Actors Theatre is excited to announce a new project:

Featuring top Kansas City actors in weekly episodes that include an all-new historical drama, “Kansas City: 1924,” by Forrest Attaway, Agatha Christie’s “The Case of the Careless Victim,” “A Murderous Revision” from the Suspense series, the comedy classic “The Bickersons,” by Philip Rapp, and more!

Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre will air new episodes weekly on KKFI 90.1 at noon on Fridays with episodes also available online.

Featuring Lois Avery, Justin Barron, Hillary Clemens, Walter Coppage, Nedra Dixon, David Fritts, Sidonie Garrett, David Hall, Todd Lanker, Ashlee LaPine, Justin McCoy, Brian Paulette, Shawna Peña-Downing, Victor Raider-Wexler, John Rensenhouse, Jan Rogge, Shon Ruffin, Cinnamon Schultz, Matt Schwader, Kris Stoker, Kathleen Warfel, Matt Williamson, Brianna Woods, Weiyi Zhang, and more!

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Info & News

October 9th

The Bickersons – The Honeymoon Is Over

John and Blanche Bickerson are perfectly suited for each other, just in their own special way. Full of wit and rejoinders in the tradition of classic comedies like “The Honeymooners,” Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre presents Philip Rapp’s classic radio comedy, “The Bickersons.” Featuring Hillary Clemens as Blanche, Matt Schwader as John, Nedra Dixon as Dr. Hershey, and Justin Barron as the Cop and Mr. Guernsey. Directed by Gary Heisserer.

October 16th

A Murderous Revision

Have you ever just wanted to kill your boss? In this entry from the classic “Suspense” series, a scriptwriter for the fictional radio series, “Murder, Please,” is driven to the edge by a producer who keeps rewriting his scripts in this weeks episode of Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre. Hosted by Walter Coppage and featuring David Fritts, Matt Williamson, Todd Lanker, Ashlee LaPine, Shawna Peña-Downing, Kris Stoker, and Nedra Dixon and directed by John Rensenhouse.

October 23rd

Easy Aces – Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist

Conceived right here in Kansas City, “Easy Aces” follows the cheerfully absurd marital misadventures of Goodman and Jane Ace. Here Jane visits a Psychiatrist to talk about her problems, some of which may actually exist! Featuring John Rensenhouse, Sidonie Garrett, Kathleen Warfel, Cinnamon Schultz, Nedra Dixon, and David Hall. Hosted by Walter Coppage and directed by Darren Sextro.