St. Nicholas
by Conor McPherson
Dates: March 11 – 29, 2020
Location: The Buffalo Room
Director: Dennis Hennessy

Featuring: Victor Raider-Wexler

A harrowing, booze-soaked, barroom tale of theatre, obsession, and the supernatural. Conor McPherson’s “St. Nicholas” finds a washed-up theatre critic regaling the audience with the odyssey of his highs, his dregs, and how his infatuation and addiction drove him to the very limit of the supernatural and his soul. Featuring Victor Raider-Wexler (“Morning’s at Seven,” “And Then There Were None,” “The Gin Game”) under the direction of Dennis Hennessy (“Morning’s at Seven,” “I’m Not Rappaport,” “The Gin Game”).

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Director – Dennis Hennessy