Photos by Brian Paulette


by William Inge
Directed by Mark Robbins
August 6 – 25, 2013

Helen Potts – Kathleen Warfel
Hal Carter – Phillip Shinn
Millie Owens – Alisa Lynn
Bomber – J.T. Nagle
Madge Owens – Emily Peterson
Flo Owens – Melinda McCrary
Rosemary Sydney – Jen Mays
Alan Seymour – Chris Roady
Irma Kronkite – Kathleen Kane
Christine – Mackenzie Goodwin
Howard Bevans – David Fritts

Honoring William Inge’s 100th birth anniversary in Independence, KS.
(more on this from KCUR)

A charming, uplifting and heartbreaking story of one life-changing day in the lives of two households in a small Kansas town in the early 1950s. Madge is coming of age and wonders if there is more to life than being a pretty girl destined to marry the first acceptable man who asks. Then Hal arrives in town, and his presence has a seismic effect on Madge and other members of the Owens’ extended family. Hal sees a chance for an emotional attachment more deep and real than any in his shirtless life up to this point.

 A whirlwind of passion and longing, makes this a summer picnic like no other.

Director – Mark Robbins
Scene Design – Jim Misenheimer
Costume Design – Tyler Wilson
Lighting Design – Shane Rowse
Sound Design –  Daniel Warneke
Composer – Gregg Mackender
Choreography – Lisa Thorn-Vinzant
Stage Manager – Jim Mitchell

“Picnic captures the power of sex and love in small-town America.”
— Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star  (full review no longer available)

“Production of Inge Classic Entices with Slow Boil.”
— Paul Horsley, The Independent (full review)

“William Inge’s ‘Picnic’ heats up Kansas City Union Station’s City Stage”
— Bob Evans, The Examiner  (full review)