A Doll’s House
by Henrik Ibsen
Dates: August 7 – 25, 2019
Location: City Stage at Union Station
Director: Darren Sextro

Featuring Hillary Clemens, Todd Lanker, Christina Schafer, Tyler Alan Rowe, Brian Paulette, and Carla Noack.

A scandal when it was first staged 140 years ago, “A Doll’s House” is the story of a married woman seeking to carve out her own place in the world. Still startlingly relevant, this show will be sure to feature the type of actor-first performances audiences have come to expect from KCAT. “A Doll’s House” will be directed by Darren Sextro, who previously directed “Skylight,” “My Old Lady,” and “Crimes of the Heart” for KCAT.

Director – Darren Sextro
Adapted by Darren Sextro
Scenic Designer – Kelli Harrod
Costume Designer – Sarah M. Oliver
Properties Designer – Bill Christie
Lighting Designer – Shane Rowse
Sound Designer – David Kiehl
Technical Director – Kyle Dyck