The Pests (Les Fâcheux)

By Molière (In a new adaptation by Dr. Felicia Londré)

An online dramatic reading from Kansas City Actors Theatre

March 7, 2021 at 5 pm
(Available online after initial performance through March 11th.)

In his 1661 comedy, “Les Fâcheux,” Molière, one of history’s greatest playwrights, dared to mock the hangers-on at the court of France’s Louis XIV. The resulting play pleased the king so much that he granted the use of the Palais Royal Theatre in Paris and often requested repeat performances. “The Sun King” even suggested an additional type of pest to be added, a request Molière obliged with a new character. Surprisingly, this airy little garden-set trifle still has the ring of truth in those who would be adjacent to power some 360 years later!

Featuring Kansas City actors Matt Schwader, Sam Cordes, Bri Woods, Vi Tran, Matt Williamson, RH Wilhoit, Meredith Wolfe, Ashley Pankow, Coleman Crenshaw, Robert Gibby Brand, Josh Gleeson, Chris Roady, Walter Coppage, Greg Butell, and Trevor French. Directed by John Rensenhouse with Technical Management and Production by Matt Sameck.

This reading is part of “KC MOlière: 400 in 2022,” a celebration of the 17th Century French playwright and actor, corresponding with what will be his 400th birthday in 2022. More information on the ongoing celebration is available at Donations in support of “KC Molière: 400 in 2022” can be made at

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Listen live, March 7, 2021 at 5 pm

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