Photos by Brian Paulette

True West

by Sam Shepard
Directed by Robert Elliott
July 23 – August 15, 2010

Mark Robbins
Jim Birdsall
Dan Hillaker
& Joicie Appell

Over twenty years ago, KCAT favorites Jim Birdsall and Mark Robbins brought Lee and Austin to life on the Missouri Repertory Theatre stage. Now see them again as they reprise their roles in this classic Sam Shepard play about a screenwriter and his renegade brother, their testosterone-driven rivalries and what happens when the success of one brother means the failure of the other. ”True West” has been called “Shepard’s signature piece, the leanest, most pointed of his full length works.”

Presented at Union Station’s H&R Block City Stage.

Director – Robert Elliott
Scene Design – Tabitha Pease
Costume Design – Sarah Oliver
Lighting Design – Seif Allah Cristobal
Sound Design – Daniel Warneke
Stage Manager – Jim Mitchell

“Kansas City Actors Theatre offers a meticulous production of Sam Shepherd’s ‘True West’ anchored by two performances that can only be described as extraordinary.”
– Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star