Photos by Jeff Rumans


by William Shakespeare
Directed by Mark Robbins
August 26th – September 28th, 2014

Hamlet – Jake Walker
Claudius – Scott Cordes
Gertrude – Cinnamon Schultz
Ghost of Hamlet’s Father, Player – Mark Robbins
Polonius – Walter Coppage
Laertes – Matt Lindblom
Ophelia – Dianne Yvette
Horatio – Kyle Dyck
Rosencrantz – Vanessa Severo
Guildenstern – Rusty Sneary
Player King – Brian Paulette
Osric, Player – Will Fritz
Player – Amy Kelly
Marcellus, Player – Ryan Hruza
Player – Nikky Badejo
Bernardo, Player – Matthew Schmidli

The King of Denmark’s mysterious death–and the Queen’s hasty marriage to the dead man’s brother–lead Prince Hamlet to the conclusion that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” In his quest for retribution, Hamlet wrestles with morality, his own sanity and the very nature of existence itself. Widely considered the greatest play ever written in the English language, Hamlet paints a startlingly poignant picture of what it means to be (or not to be) human.

Director – Mark Robbins
Stage Manager – Jim Mitchell
Set Design – Gary Mosby
Lighting Design – Shane Rowse
Costume Design – Lauren Roark
Composer – Greg Mackender
Sound Design – Sarah Putts
Props Design – Regina Weller
Assistant Stage Manager – Lexie Klasing
Assistant Stage Manager – Lacey Willis
Dramaturg – Felicia Londre
Fight Choreographers – Logan Black, Matthew Schmidli
Fight Captain – Matthew Schmidli
House Manager – Alyson Germinder

“…an impressive undertaking, memorable for strong work by gifted actors. And Walker will make you see the play in a new light.
  — Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star  (full review)

“…some of the best theater recently staged”
— Deborah Hirsch, The Pitch  (full review)

“Even those who do not know Hamlet or other Shakespearean plays will find this production easy to follow.”
— Bob Evans, The Examiner  (full review)