Gaslight (Angel Street)

by Patrick Hamilton
Dates: Jan 17th – Feb 4th, 2024
Location: City Stage in Union Station
Director: Cinnamon Schultz

Featuring Ashlee LaPine, Matt Williamson, Leah Dalrymple, Julie Shaw, and John Rensenhouse.

This incredible 1938 Victorian thriller, famous for its Academy Award winning adaptation to the big screen, details the dark tale of a marriage based on deceit, and a husband committed to driving his wife to the brink of insanity. “Gaslight (Angel Street) is a roller coaster ride of emotions and second guessing, as we peel back the onion to uncover the layers of deception and twists.” (Theatre Guide) Fans of Agatha Christie won’t want to miss this edge of your seat drama!

Cast and Crew:

Ashlee LaPine – Bella Manningham
Matt Williamson – Jack Manningham
Leah Dalrymple – Nancy
Julie Shaw – Elizabeth
John Rensenhouse – Inspector Rough

Cinnamon Schultz – Director

Remaining creative team to be announced