Great actors. Smart plays.

Formed by a veteran collective of artists, the Actors Theatre brings professional drama to Kansas City, in a vibrant presentation for the virtual age.  Each production is an experience, bringing the actors and their words into focus.

77¢ of every dollar you invest in Actors Theatre goes back to the art and the artist because we are mobile, without the overhead of a performance space.  We believe in providing a livable wage to the best local actors, designers and technicians, so that the art of theatre can flourish in Kansas City.

Our Mission

Kansas City Actors Theatre’s mission is to showcase the finest talents of Kansas City’s professional theatre community by bringing our audiences exceptional, artist-driven productions of classic and modern classic plays. To accomplish this mission:

  • We are led by a collective of seasoned theatre professionals.
  • We select thought-provoking plays that explore, celebrate, and share what it is to be human with sensitivity, intelligence, and humor.
  • We employ Kansas City artists and artisans and pay them at professional rates.
  • We actively nurture our local artistic community, which in turn makes Kansas City a more vibrant, vital place to live and work.